One of the most commonly manufactured precast prestressed concrete components is the double tee. As the name suggests, double tees structurally resemble two capital letter T’s placed side by side. The components are typically used for floor and ceiling construction in order to create long spans and open floor plans as well as substrates for waterproofing. Common applications for double tees include the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Parking Garages
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Factory Sheds
  • Poultry Sheds
  • Multi-Story Buildings

Precast Prestressed Double Tee Advantages Along with possessing notable features such as a sleek aesthetic, environmental friendliness and low lifetime maintenance, precast prestressed double tees provide many benefits when used in a variety of construction projects.

1. Maximum Strength

A combination of advanced technology, professional engineering and quality materials ensure that Taracon Precast’s precast prestressed double tees provide optimal strength to any structure. Each group of components has a significant load bearing capacity that makes them suitable for even the most imposing structures and construction projects such as multi-level packing facilities and warehouses. Double tees are unique in that they can cover long spans of 80 feet or greater, while still providing incredible strength to any structure. Double tees can also achieve this level of strength without the need for columns in the design.

2. Faster Construction

To have the most efficient and cost-effective project, construction speed is one of the most important factors to consider. Precast prestressed double tees are quickly fabricated in a controlled environment and can be fully erected and integrated into the final structure in record time. The alternative, which typically requires on-site casting of concrete components often leads to delays due to weather and site related conditions such as the skill of the labor used during fabrication. Utilizing precast prestressed double tees removes a majority of the uncertainty from all aspects of the construction process allowing for better time management and projections.

3. Simplified Design Options

The uniquely engineered aspects of double tees make them highly suitable for creating simple construction designs that include features such as open floor plans, long column-free spans and layouts that improve the overall functionality of a structure. Double tees dramatically reduce the number of joints present in finished structures and significantly reduces or eliminates the need for columns in the final design. This can be particularly useful in structures that require uninterrupted visibility from one end to the other.

4. Cost Savings

Utilizing precast prestressed double tees in your construction project provides tremendous cost saving benefits. Compared to other types of construction components precast double tees have a much lower initial cost. Faster fabrication and erection times, lower labor costs, less lifetime maintenance and more protection from the elements and natural disasters make using Taracon’s double tees one of the best ways to reduce and control overall project costs.

5. Exceptional Durability

Precast double tees offer a distinct advantage because of their high level of durability. Along with being very resistant to direct impact, double tees are also incredibly strong and flexible. This makes them far less susceptible to natural wear and tear. The intrinsic strength and durability of precast double tees makes them more resistant to potential damage from natural and manmade disasters such as earthquakes, high winds and fires.

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