At Taracon Precast, we are dedicated to creating products unique to the construction world. This uniqueness manifests itself in a suite of benefits in structural quality, cost savings, safety, and more. One of our trademarks is the in-house manufacturing of precast hollowcore slabs. As the heroes of flooring, roofing, bridges, and mezzanine systems, there are 7 main advantages of precast hollowcore slabs.


With tubular, hollowed-out voids spanning the slabs full length, these concrete slabs present a dramatic decrease in weight, without sacrificing strength and durability. The result is a product capable of spanning long lengths, all while:

  1. Reducing the need for excessive steel and masonry.
  2. Reducing the amount of beams and columns needed for support
  3. Increasing valuable space
Thinner Decks

In addition to a hollowcore slab’s ability to span large lengths, it also possesses a decreased depth ratio. With this decrease in depth ratio, a typical installation can see space savings of 6” to 10” per floor. For examples sake, a 6-story building would see up to 4 feet of saved space. This saved space allows for decreased exterior wall heights and, in many cases, the opportunity to add additional stories.   By combining the space savings due to larger span lengths and thinner decks, hollowcore slabs have the ability to increase usable space as much as 20% when compared to traditional floor and ceiling systems.

Hasty Installation

Great for keeping us focused, deadlines are often stressful and palm-sweat inducing. Fortunately, it’s in a hollowcore slab’s DNA to allow for speedy installation, and there a few key reasons why:

  1. Significant reduction in support structure installation
  2. Delivered to site install-ready
  3. Elimination of cast-in-place concrete production

With up to 8,000 square feet installed per day, all parties involved will see reduced project time, shorter financing time, and reduced costs – all of which provide a higher and quicker ROI.

Fire Resistance

Safety is our industry’s number one priority. Lucky for all, our prestressed hollowcore slabs possess an inherent fire resistant quality. Considered noncombustible construction, hollowcore slabs are designed to significantly resist the movement of fire from floor to floor, as well as withstand up to 4 hours of fire damage before any damage occurs. Not only does this quality lower insurance costs, but more importantly, it keeps all involved safe.

High Sound Resistance

Impact sounds, such as footsteps, and airborne sounds, such as voices, are often free from significant absorption when in contact with wood and steel. With proper sound absorption essential to any building design, hollowcore slabs are superior to all other flooring and ceiling alternatives. This feature proves extremely desirable in building such as schools, apartments complexes, and businesses.

Weather Resistance

Produced off-site and in a controlled environment, hollowcore precast slabs see multiple benefits when it comes to the unpredictable, sometimes destructive, nature of weather. The strength and durability seen from controlled environment manufacturing guarantees a product highly-resistant to the wear and tear of severe weather.   Additionally, the install-ready nature of precast concrete allows for installation to occur regardless of weather conditions. Cast-in-place production is highly reliant on perfect weather conditions. Less than perfect weather conditions can lead to increased project time, decrease in concrete’s quality, and wasted labor.

Cost Savings

With lower material costs, faster construction time, lower maintenance costs, and significant decrease in chances of unforeseen factors, precast hollowcore slabs bring unmatched cost savings to all major construction projects.

Taracon Precast’s precast hollowcore panels increase the total efficiency of any construction project, all while reducing costs, time of completion, liability, and maintenance efforts.

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