Beams & Columns

At Taracon Precast we specialize in providing our clients with precast concrete products that offer superior design and aesthetic flexibility, exceptional quality and durability. Being a PCI Certified Plant ensures that you will receive the highest quality products and service from a trusted provider.

Precast concrete is suitable for a range of construction applications which include bridges, buildings and other structures that require exceptional strength, safety and durability. Because of this, precast concrete is regarded as one of the best materials for the manufacturing of construction beams and columns.

Precast Concrete Beams

Taracon Precast’s prestressed concrete beams are horizontal structural components designed and manufactured to support other structures that include solid slabs, additional beams, hollow core slabs and double tees.

Precast concrete beams are typically designed in three basic shapes which include L-shaped, Inverted Tee and Rectangular. They are also designed based on specifications which include loading conditions, spans and the desired level of reinforcement.

At Taracon Precast, we have the capabilities to manufacture several types of precast concrete beams, which include:

  • Spandrel (Edge) Beams

    Beams that span the entire perimeter of a structure, provide support for floor and roof loads and are a marker of floor levels between stories of a building.

  • Raker Beams

    Typically used in stadium construction (indoor and outdoor arenas), raker beams are angled and notched to be able to support riser or terracing units.

  • Lintel Beams

    Beams designed to be used over door and window openings. They provide extra reinforcement and support for the structures that are placed above these specific areas.

  • Balcony Beams

    Beams that are constructed and cast with a balcony integrated into the design.

Our beams can be cast with various levels of finishing ranging from smooth to rough, depending on the intended use and application once the structure arrives at the construction site.

Precast Concrete Columns

At Taracon Precast our columns are vertical structural components that are designed and manufactured to a wide range of specifications based on individual project needs. Our columns are also designed for seamless integration with construction components such as projecting bars, base plates and dowel tubes.

Our prestressed concrete columns are manufactured to meet the needs of builders who demand the highest quality structural components for a wide variety of structural systems.

Along with being ideal for single or multi-level structures like parking facilities and large commercial buildings, Taracon Precast columns offer unmatched flexibility in terms of shapes, sizes, applications and finishes.

Utilizing our prestressed concrete columns as a structural component offers unique benefits:

  • Complete Customization – While square and rectangular column designs are the most common request, components can also be manufactured to specifications and requirements that enhance the structural and architectural needs of the project.
  • Multiple Applications – The most widely utilized application for our precast concrete columns are as the foundations to support precast spandrel beams, however our columns are also ideal for multiple types of construction systems and structures made with precast concrete that fall outside of the norm.

Taracon Precast’s precast concrete beams and columns provide the perfect foundation for mounting precast architectural and structural panels as well as hollowcore slabs. Once erected, the beam and column components offer a seamless and streamlined appearance to the entire structure of the building.

Benefits of Using Taracon Precast Concrete Beams and Columns

All of our precast concrete beams and columns offer time and cost-saving benefits to professionals in many sectors of the construction industry:

Design Flexibility

Flexible design options to suit unique project specifications

Low Maintenance

Construction designed to provide years of worry free and low maintenance

Cost Savings

Lower costs compared to on-site concrete casting

Strength & Durability

Superior strength that can handle high capacity weight

Energy Effiencent

Energy efficient and sustainable design

High Sound Transmission

Stable concrete construction that resists excessive vibrations

Moisture Control

High resistance to damage from moisture

Wind Resistance

Enhancement of safety through wind resistant design structure

Taracon Precast also manufactures all of its precast concrete beams and columns with methods that enhance the fireproof quality of the finished components. Along with boosting the protection of the structure against fire related catastrophes, this factor also significantly reduces long-term insurance costs due to the inherent safety of the finished structure.

At Taracon Precast, our prestressed concrete products are the number one choice of our customers which includes industry leading contractors, architects, developers and engineers.

Our completely off-site manufacturing process allows us to have total control over the development of our concrete products which ensures consistent output and quality you can depend on for even the most demanding construction sites.

The result is shorter construction timelines, superior structural quality as well as the ability to plan and complete more projects on time and on budget.


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