With a wide array of practical applications that range from single family homes to multi-level apartment buildings and commercial structures, Precast Columns and Beams offer exceptional durability, flexibility and design options for a wide cross-section of construction projects.   There are several key benefits that come with using Precast Columns and Beams instead of their alternative; on-site casting of concrete construction components.

Various Applications

The strength and versatility of Precast Columns and Beams makes them the ideal solution for structural components and the framework of major construction projects.

  •  Parking Structures
  •  Industrial Buildings
  •  Commercial Buildings
  •  Residential Buildings
  •  Hospitals

In any potential project, Precast Concrete Beams and Columns can be utilized for both single and multi-story structures.

Quality Production

The Beams and Columns manufactured by Taracon Precast Concrete are compliant with the most stringent construction regulations, while also providing consistent and reliable outputs.

  •  Consistently Optimal Results – Our Precast Column and Precast Beam production process is carried out in a factory-controlled environment. We produce the highest quality concrete components, which are prestressed to provide optimal strength and durability.
  •  Exceptional Strength – Precast concrete components that are cast and cured in a controlled manufacturing environment reliably attain and maintain their maximum strength.
  • Lower Risks – Alternatively, concrete Beams and Columns that are cast on-site risk being severely negatively impacted by factors such as workmanship quality, unforeseen and uncontrollable changes in weather, temperature and humidity as well as additional prohibitive site-specific conditions.
Design Flexibility

Precast Columns and Beams provide unlimited design flexibility because they can be made to the exact requirements and specifications of any project, no matter how seemingly complex.

  •  Customization Options – Along with our range of standard offerings, our engineering and manufacturing teams have the capability to completely custom design and produce any Precast Columns and Beams necessary to meet client requirements for completing a project.
  •  Complex Structures – Whether your structural framework calls for the use of irregular shapes, fittings and notches for your Precast Beams and Columns, our designers and engineers are able to facilitate the most complex design requirements.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – The quality finish that our Precast Beams and Columns provide give completed projects a clean and seamless look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the structure.
Durability & Seamless Integration

Our Precast Beams and Columns provide the perfect framework and integrate seamlessly with other precast concrete components such as roof planks, hollow core flooring and wall panels to create a strong and streamlined structure that requires very little long-term maintenance.   Combined with the structural design of our Precast Columns and Beams, our production process makes our building components among the most practical and durable options for your construction projects.   The prestressed concrete used in our Precast Beams and Columns requires no additional fireproofing and provides intrinsic fire resistance, which adds an extra shield of protection to your finished project.

Time & Cost Savings

Using Precast Beams and Columns gives your team more control over the entire construction project by allowing them to plan and budget with a lower probability of encountering unexpected costs.   Off-site production of concrete construction components effectively keeps your work site highly efficient and budget sparing.

  •  Faster Installation – Utilizing Precast Concrete Beams and Columns in your construction project speeds up the installation process tremendously.
  •  Optimized Process – Using Precast Beams and Columns completely removes the need for on-site concrete casting, propping and other types of expensive and time-consuming formwork.
  •  Enhanced Productivity – Eliminating these actions leads to an overall reduction in the cost of the project by avoiding time-wasting activities that are typically associated with casting concrete on site.
  •  Fewer Inputs Required – The lower total project cost associated with utilizing precast products also leads to a reduction in the requirements for installation inputs such as labor force, scaffolding, tools and raw materials that are required to create each component.
  •  No Storage Necessary – Components are manufactured in the order which they are required, which eliminates the need for on-site storage while reducing potential bottlenecks during the production and installation processes.
  • Waste Reduction – Precast concrete is sustainable and environmentally friendly, requiring much less raw materials and producing less waste than other concrete casting methods.

Precast Beams and Columns will continue to enhance the installation speed and efficiency, project cost savings and design aspects of modern architectural structures for many years to come. We encourage contractors and project engineers to explore the benefits of utilizing our precast construction components in current and upcoming projects and to experience the difference it makes in your total budget and quality of construction.

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