Double Tees

Taracon Precast’s double tees are the ideal solution for construction projects in which the strength, beauty and flexibility of the design are critical. Structures built to cover long spans and that require high load capacities for floor and roofing systems are the perfect candidate for our precast and prestressed double tee concrete components.

Double tees are a design marvel that combine the best strength and durability attributes inherent in steel and concrete, fused together in a unique “double tee” configuration that has superior load bearing capacities when compared to hollow core slabs of equal length.

Double tees feature a horizontal section (flange) and two stemmed vertical sections (webs). The combination of these features creates a structural component that has the ability to support very high weights while also spanning significant distances. This natural resilience makes double tees the best choice for building structures that feature long spans and that do not require additional ceiling finishes.

Double tees are usually manufactured in a range of standard widths and spans.

Standard Width: 10 feet

Standard Spans: Up to 65 feet

Common Applications of Double Tee Precast Concrete

There are many structural applications where Taracon Precast’s precast double tees are superior components to utilize:

  • Bridges
  • Pool Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Water & Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Roofing
  • Gymnasium
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Parking Structures
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Food Processing Facilities

Double tees are designed so that, if desired, openings can be allowed in between the stems. These openings make it possible for additional features such as mechanical ducts, windows and skylights to be integrated into structures built with double tees.

Benefits of Using Prestressed Double Tee Concrete

Using Taracon Precast’s precast prestressed double tees in your structural design gives you exceptional value and visual appeal along with several other valuable benefits.

Cost Savings

Various factors such as faster construction times, potentially lower insurance costs, low maintenance and exceptional durability make using double tees a smart cost saving choice for construction professionals.

Fire Resistance

Double tee precast concrete has a high fire resistance rating and can withstand two to four hours of continual fire damage without losing its integrity. These inherent qualities also slow the path of flames as they move from one area of a structure to another during a disaster.

Design Flexibility

We design our double tee systems to be as unique as the projects they are utilized for. While there are precast double tee standards, at Taracon Precast we offer fully customized options based on your specifications and span requirements.

High Quality & Durability

At Taracon Precast, we specialize in producing the highest quality double tee precast concrete products. Our quality controlled production process results in the highest density and strength in our double tees. Other benefits are exceptional impact and corrosion resistance along with enhanced safety and security.

Prestressing our double tee components delivers a product that reduces the possibility of cracking to a minimum while simultaneously increasing the load capacity of the finished structure.

Exceptional Strength

Taracon Precast casts its double tees in a completely controlled environment, which delivers superior quality and consistency for your finished products. Each component is guaranteed to provide high strength and load capacity due to the ideal curing conditions at our production facility.

Once the double tees are complete, they are transported to the site for immediate erection, keeping construction on schedule, reducing related costs and shortening the project time to completion. In many scenarios, utilizing precast double tee concrete has made it possible to reduce overall construction times by up to 80 percent.

Low Maintenance

Taracon Precast double tee precast concrete products reduce the long-term maintenance requirements for finished structures because they remove the need for costly maintenance shutdowns required for making repairs to the building such as painting fading surfaces. Lowered maintenance requirements leads to lower operating costs and more ongoing productivity for the finished facility.

Fast Fabrication

Our precast double tees are produced in our off-site facilities giving us the ability to manufacture the components that keep projects moving forward regardless of current weather conditions. With a year-round operational production facility, your projects continue uninterrupted throughout the entire year.

Being a PCI Certified Plant ensures that you will receive the highest quality products and service from a trusted provider.


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