Logistics Dispatcher

    • Full Time
    • Hawley, MN US

As a Logistics Dispatcher, your primary duties would consist of the following:

    • Field calls coming in from the field to organize loads leaving the yard the next day
      • Communicate with the field foreman
      • Work together to find a solution
      • Communicate to the rest of the logistics team to establish a plan for the trucks required the next day
      • Help establish forecasts of logistic needs for the week ahead
    • Building loads
      • Understand the precast products and how they need to be loaded
      • Understand the different styles of racking required for loading the precast
      • Build load diagrams that communicate the load requirements to the loading crews in the yard
      • Understand what is required for load securement of each type of precast
      • Determine what trailers are needed for each load
    • Work with drivers
      • Communicate load times to drivers
      • Communicate the travel routes to and from the job sites
      • Communicate the travel routes on the job sites
      • Assist in permitting
    • Understand the DOT regulations
      • Have a basic understanding of the DOT regulations
      • Help enforce the DOT regulations


    • 401(k) match up to 6%
    • Dental insurance, 100% company paid (including family)
    • Health insurance, 100% company paid (including family)
    • Vision insurance, 100% company paid (including family)
    • Short-term and long-term disability, 100% company paid
    • Paid time off in addition to 9 paid holidays

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