Hollowcore Slabs

At Taracon Precast, we know that having strong and durable flooring is critical to creating a successful building structure. Our prestressed hollowcore slabs are designed for use primarily as structural flooring components, however, they can also be used as roof deck components in buildings that have one or multiple levels.

The aspect of precast hollowcore slabs that makes them unique is their design that features hollowed out voids that run along the length of each panel. These tubular voids dramatically reduce the overall weight of each panel without sacrificing any of the structural strength it provides in the construction project.

The result is an easy-to- handle building component that spans large areas without the need for any additional steel and masonry work.

The hollow cores offer easy access to trade workers and act as service ducts and accommodation for wiring and the installation of other components required in the construction process.

If the interior of each tubular void is coated with insulating material the slabs can also function as ventilation ducts.

Hollowcore Sizes Produced by Taracon Precast


Precast Hollowcore Slab Specifications

Our prestressed hollowcore slabs, also called hollow core planks, concrete planks or voided slabs, are available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.

The voids in each slab usually have a diameter that is equal to approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of the slab section, while the thickness of each plank is dependent on the ultimate length requirement, with an increase in thickness of the plank correlating with an increase in length.

Hollowcore slabs vary by depth, length and loading performance with the standard width of a slab being 1200mm. The depth of each slab usually ranges from 110 mm to 400 mm with spans typically available up to 200 meters. However, the slabs can be manufactured to suit the specifications of your construction project.

Benefits of Using Precast Hollowcore Slabs

Taracon Precast customers across multiple sectors of the construction industry gain a wide variety of benefits from using our prestressed hollowcore concrete slabs on their building projects.

Cost Savings

The smart design of our precast hollowcore slabs reduces the costs associated with building a structure due to lower material costs, faster construction time and lower maintenance costs.

Fire Resistance

The inherent fire resistant qualities of our prestressed hollowcore slabs make them a safety boosting inclusion in any building structure. Our slabs are designed to block and dramatically slow the movement of fire from floor to floor as well as stand up to hours of fire damage while remaining structurally sound.

All-Weather Construction

Our completely off-site manufacturing allows us to produce the required hollowcore slabs no matter what the weather conditions are on-site. Slab delivery occur in a timely manner and projects are completed on budget and on schedule.

Long Span & Depth Ratio

Taracon Precast hollowcore concrete slabs cover significant areas which reduces the need for excessive steel and masonry work while also providing greater structural strength and efficiency.

Strength & Durability

Along with being manufactured with high-strength concrete mixtures, our precast slabs are reinforced with steel strands that run through the length of each slab.

High Sound Transmission

The materials and design process used to create Taracon Precast’s hollowcore precast concrete slabs and floor panels make them naturally highly resistant to sound transfer.

Lighter Weight

Our precast hollowcore slabs are significantly lighter when compared to solid precast concrete floor slabs. Along with being significantly easier to lift and handle during the construction process, hollowcore slabs lower construction costs related to the amount of material required to cast the slabs as well as the cost to transport the finished product to the job site.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

An important quality of Taracon Precast’s hollowcore concrete slabs are their exceptional thermal properties. Buildings that are constructed with our precast concrete products have superior thermal efficiency which leads to long-term savings in energy costs.

Taracon Precast’s precast hollowcore panels increase the total efficiency of any construction project while reducing costs and time to completion. Even after construction is complete, the benefits of using our precast concrete typically continue with lower insurance costs and long-term maintenance requirements.

Professionals in construction industry sectors such an engineering, architecture, design and development count on our precast concrete products for the ultimate construction flexibility and function. Being a PCI Certified Plant ensures that you will receive the highest quality products and service from a trusted provider.


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