Installation & Erection

At TaraCon, we specialize in precast concrete engineering and design, the fabrication and production of precast concrete products and world-class precast installation and erection services to pull it all together.

While each stage of development for precast concrete structures is important, erection and installation is the part of the process that can make or break the construction process.

Professional installation and erection services are necessary for every kind of precast concrete building structure, which includes:

  • Warehouses
  • Stadiums
  • Incarceration facilities
  • Parking structures
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Schools
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Bridges
  • Hospitals

Unlike the design and casting processes that are done in-house and in controlled environments, when the time comes to erect a precast structure on site, the weather, the construction crew, the site specifications and other variable factors can have a significant impact on the outcome of the finished structure.

TaraCon’s precast specialists are aware of these potential issues, so we strive to deliver industry leading precast installation and erection services as a major part of our complete precast and prestressed concrete offerings.

Some of the precast concrete installation and erection services we offer include:

  • Hollowcore panels
  • Double Tee panels
  • Structural beams
  • Structural columns
  • Wall panels
  • Spandrel panels
  • Architectural column covers

Along with our crew of precast erectors, TaraCon also has a dedicated group of riggers, welders and crane operators that are fixed on our goal of being industry leaders in precast concrete installation and erection.

Our team of construction professionals is dedicated to providing you with the skills and services required to complete your precast concrete structure to the highest industry standards and your unique specifications.

  • Our Precast Construction Services

    Based on our long history in construction, working alongside professional architects, developers, contractors and other prominent members of the industry, TaraCon has the skills, resources and other capabilities necessary to carry out your precast construction services quickly and efficiently.

    Proper planning and preparation are essential to erecting and installing precast concrete components with the desired results. TaraCon delivers our precast construction services with precision execution, carefully planning each stage of the process from selecting the best methods for assembling each component to the sequence of assembly that maximizes efficiency while reducing time to completion and the associated costs of the project.

    During the planning phase of installation and erection, several important factors must be taken into consideration:

    • Rigging requirements
    • How the precast components will be handled
    • Erection tolerances
    • Temporary support provisions
    • Integration of structural connections
    • How precast components will be joined
    • Contingency plan for any issues that arise
  • Professional Precast Concrete Installation and Erection

    TaraCon’s team of construction professionals works carefully and diligently to carry out the erection of each structure to adhere to the specifications and guidelines provided by the lead contractor on site.

    Our crews possess a skill set that allows them to quickly erect precast concrete buildings and structures without errors or significant time lapses. The activities carried out on-site often include some or all of the following:

    • Preparing the worksite for construction
    • Interpreting design plans and architectural drawings
    • Erecting scaffolding and rigging
    • Guiding the crane operator during component placement
    • Joining panels together with alignment, welding and bolting
    • Preparing surfaces and applying and finishing grout
    • Finishing concrete surfaces with primers, caulking and other preparations
    • Using power tools and machines during construction
    • Following and enforcing safety standards outlined by TaraCon and other regulations

    The result is the swift and seamless installation of precast concrete panels and components that ensures correct and complete erection in accordance with the design provided.

  • Fast and Efficient Concrete Erection

    In addition to our high standards for construction quality, TaraCon focuses on speedy construction methods. From rapid deployment of our crews to the target construction site to a well laid out plan and sequence for component installation, we take your project from start to finish in the least amount of time possible.

    An important factor for keeping our construction projects moving along smoothly is having the necessary precast components at hand and ready to be installed as soon as they are needed.

    TaraCon employs a just-in- time system that ensures our crews have minimum idle time and that they do not have to focus on specific concrete components until it becomes necessary.

    By optimizing site operations, the contractors and crews at TaraCon achieve maximum construction efficiency. The result is lower cost overruns and equipment costs, less lost wages and on-site issues as well as little to no downtime.

  • Precast Concrete Products Installation Safety

    No matter the size or scope of your project, TaraCon has the personnel, equipment and knowledge to install a wide range of precast products while strictly adhering to the highest safety standards in the industry.

    Before we begin working on each project, our engineers and other construction team members perform a risk assessment on the project site. The information revealed by the visit acts as a guide for erection methodology and general procedures for the project.

    Factors that are typically taken into consideration include:

    • Construction space available and required
    • Movement and placement of building materials
    • Overhead obstructions
    • Soil stability

    If any issues are discovered during this process, they will be mediated before installation and erection commences.

    One of our most important goals is to maintain the health of our team members, associates and the general public as well as to complete every project with no injuries or incidents.

At TaraCon we take pride in our relationships with our customers in the construction industry which include developers, architects, contractors, engineers and other professionals. We take our years of experience working on diverse projects to construct your buildings with the most precision possible while reducing unnecessary costs to the absolute minimum.