Insulated Wall Panels

Taracon Precast’s insulated precast concrete wall panels are wall panels designed with two layers of concrete that are separated by a layer of insulation. Because of the wall panel’s three-layered structure, it is sometimes referred to as a sandwich wall panel.

Each concrete layer, also known as a wythe, can vary in thickness and can be connected with one of many different types of systems. We create insulated precast wall panels based on the architectural and structural specifications of a project. Insulated concrete wall panels typically come with one of three types of insulation sandwiched between its wythes:

  1. Polyisocyanurate
  2. Extruded polystyrene
  3. Expanded polystyrene

Taracon Precast’s insulated concrete wall panels offer a range of application options for construction professionals building structures that include:


  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Correctional facilities
  • Retail locations
  • Educational facilities



This list includes any other type of building structure that benefits from having a well-insulated envelop.

Once the panels are completed, they are delivered on a just-in-time basis, installed quickly and easily allowing for shorter total construction times and lower construction related financing costs.

Benefits of Using Insulated Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Along with the wide variety of building options, Taracon Precast’s insulated precast wall panels offer additional valuable benefits:

Construction Speed

Taracon Precast’s manufacturing process dramatically reduces the time required to erect the envelope of a building. Insulated precast concrete wall panels can be created as a complete system that includes insulation and a moisture barrier as well as an exterior membrane and interior finish.

These components come together in one simple to install system that can be erected in much less time than traditional building methods. Our insulated precast concrete wall panels are manufactured on a just-in- time basis, which further eliminates wasted time on site and gets the project to full completion on schedule.

Energy Efficiency

Our precast concrete products have the ability to transfer a significant amount of stored heat efficiently due to its high thermal mass. Superior concrete structural walls absorb, hold and release various amounts of heat on a continuous basis. This ability helps to reduce the load on HVAC systems during and after construction. Over time, energy costs decline due to the energy efficiency of the structure itself.

Utilizing structural insulated concrete walls produces a virtually seamless envelop that further enhances the energy efficiency of the building. The low heat conductivity of the insulating concrete layers keeps the desired heat inside during the winter months while keeping unwanted heat out during the summer.

High Quality Concrete

The main advantage of using insulated precast concrete wall panels manufactured by Taracon Precast lies in the fact that our products are made in a completely controlled environment in our modern production facilities. This allows our concrete components to be cured under the most ideal conditions which guarantees an optimal finished product. The result is a high density and high strength concrete that is consistently superior quality.

Low Maintenance

Once the insulated concrete panels are manufactured and erected the completed structure will be practically maintenance free for many years to come. Apart from performing regular checks to ensure the integrity of the waterproofing systems of the structure, ongoing maintenance is limited to having the panels cleaned at the desired regular intervals.

Fire Resistance

Concrete is a naturally fire resistant material. At Taracon Precast, our insulated precast concrete wall panels are designed to stand up to hours of fire damage without losing their integrity and to dramatically slow the spread of fire from one location to another during an emergency.

The high fire rating of our wall panels typically results in potentially lower insurance costs due to the enhanced safety of the structure.

Low Sound Transmission

Depending on the type of building being constructed, controlling the transmission of sound is an extremely important factor. Examples of these structures include movie theaters, factories and institutional buildings.

Taracon Precast’s structural precast concrete wall panels can be designed to reduce sound transmission to absolute minimal levels or to take advantage of optimal acoustics.


The processes Taracon Precast uses to produce our concrete wall panels reduces the amount of cement and water required to complete each component dramatically cutting down on waste.

Taracon Precast’s insulated wall panels deliver exceptional flexibility for construction projects in their design, while also providing unmatched strength and durability.

The sustainability and energy efficiency of our structural insulated concrete walls make them the ideal solution for building professionals who want to increase productivity and the value of their projects while reducing total costs and wasted time and resources. Being a PCI Certified Plant ensures that you will receive the highest quality products and service from a trusted provider.


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