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At Taracon we believe that buildings should be as aesthetically appealing as they are structurally sound. Our architectural precast concrete marries these criteria in one superior product that offers fast fulfillment  along with a cost-effective yet upscale finish. With a wide variety of design choices that deliver an endless supply of finishing options, our architectural precast wall panels function effectively as a structural component of a finished building or can be manufactured as an overlay on the foundation of a structure made of steel or precast concrete.

Precast Concrete Finishes

Taracon offers a broad selection of precast concrete finishing options that can be combined to create any architectural design our clients can imagine. Our custom made forms are the foundation of our wide variety of precast options. Based on your design specifications, we create a form that will be used to create your architectural precast wall panels. We work with precision to create forms that meet your designer’s specifications for shape and size as well as intrinsic details such as unique and visually appealing features in the surface of the panel.
Our precast concrete design finishes include:
  • Exposed Aggregates
  • Form Lined
  • Sand-Blasted
  • Acid Etched
  • Broom
  • Brick
Eye-catching features like joints, patterns and reveals can be integrated into your cast design to make it unique and fully-customized. Our precast architectural concrete can be further customized by color, aggregate grade, sand type and texture. Additional elements can be integrated directly into each cast such as tiles, brick veneers and stones, allowing for even more customization options and a unique aesthetic finish.

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Benefits of Using Architectural Precast Concrete

Utilizing architectural precast concrete in your construction projects offers a multitude of benefits:
  • Cost savings

    Taracon’s precast architectural concrete delivers exceptional economy and costs savings when compared to concrete applications that are cast on-site. The fact that our custom made molds are reusable, robust and precise gives our products a distinct advantage in cost reduction in the areas of production and maintenance.
  • Time savings

    The combination of our completely off-site manufacturing process, fast delivery along with the fact that no finishing is required on installed wall panels dramatically reduces the total time it takes to complete each construction project.
  • Consistent quality

    Our precast concrete products are manufactured in our exclusive facilities under a meticulously controlled environment and through stringent processes. The result is a production line that outputs consistently high quality results every time.
  • Multiple finish options

    We offer a range of finish selections that can be customized to suit each construction project to fulfil the architectural designers ultimate vision for the aesthetic of the structure. Through our ability to combine pigments and various grades of sand and aggregate in unique ways, each designer gains access to an almost limitless supply of options.
  • Multiple applications

    Taracon’s precast concrete wall panels are ideal for a wide range of architectural applications. Parking garages, commercial buildings, warehouses, stadiums and apartment complexes are just a few of the types of structures that our clients utilize our products to create.
  • Strength and durability

    Our architectural precast wall panels are as structurally strong as they are visually beautiful. At Taracon, we pride ourselves on the strength and durability of all our precast products that last for many years.
  • High energy efficiency

    No matter which you choose, our architectural insulated precast wall panels or solid precast panel options, a high level of energy efficiency is the result of using Taracon’s precast concrete products.
  • Low maintenance

    Once precast wall panels are installed they offer one of the most low maintenance experiences of any kind of construction material. Over time, this results in ever more cost savings associated with the finished construction project.
  • Fire resistance

    Precast concrete wall panels have a very high fire resistance rating, are highly resilient to the damaging effects of fire and dramatically slow the spread of flames from one building to another.
At Taracon, we understand your need for durable, economical and beautiful finishes on all of your construction projects so we manufacture architectural precast concrete products that deliver the quality our partners in the construction industry expect and deserve. Our customers trust Taracon to deliver the precast concrete products they can rely on. The architectural insulated precast wall panels produced in our modern facilities are the first choice of engineers, designers, developers, architects and other professionals in the construction industry who demand uncompromising quality.