PCI Precast Day 2023 Tours

PCI Precast Days 2023, October 9 – October 20, 2023, was a remarkable event that brought together industry experts, educators, and professionals to explore the latest advancements in the precast concrete industry. At Taracon Precast, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting three exceptional groups during this event: North Dakota State College of Science, RLE, and Heyer Engineering Inc. Our team showcased our state-of-the-art production plant and facilities, and it was a fantastic opportunity to share our expertise and innovation with these distinguished visitors.

PCI Precast Days 2023 at Taracon Precast provided a platform for meaningful connections with North Dakota State College of Science, RLE, and Heyer Engineering Inc. Our events showcased our commitment to innovation, education, and sustainability in the precast concrete industry. We are grateful for the insightful conversations, collaborative opportunities, and shared vision for a brighter future in precast.

As we continue to strengthen these connections, we look forward to working together to advance the precast industry. We are confident that these partnerships will lead to a more innovative, sustainable, and connected future. Thank you to all who visited Taracon Precast during PCI Precast Days 2023, and stay tuned for more exciting developments from our team as we forge ahead in this dynamic industry.

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