It’s safe to say that the pioneers of precast concrete would be impressed with the engineering and innovations in today’s industry. With strength as the foundation of initial precast design, today’s designs involve an entire suite of factors, including strength, energy efficiency, reinforcement, and resiliency. Precast concrete is a flexible material that can be made to fit any number of shapes and custom configurations. Additionally, its production involves many different materials: steel, stone, cement, sand, water, mixtures, and formwork. With this level of complexity, the use of 3D rendering technology overcomes the challenges of efficiently accounting for each and every factor.   Among the many advantages of using 3D rendering, 4 main advantages stand out:

  • Quickly and easily spot issues in your structural design.
  • Offer compelling material to encourage investment or secure financing.
  • Make design adjustments quickly and easily.
  • Predict exactly how the finished structure will appear once it is finished.

Along with these benefits, precast concrete 3D rendering also allows those involved to see exactly how the structure will fit into its surrounding landscape. Virtual tours allow developers, investors, architects, and contractors to navigate an exact virtual replica of the finished building, eliminating any doubt or confusion of the project’s design. At Taracon Precast, our rendering process involves taking a 2D illustration of the design and putting it through innovate software to generate a virtual 3D model. These 3D models can then be tweaked and digitally manipulated to the users specifications. The ability to produce multiple layouts within minutes is an essential resource in the current construction world.

In order to compete in such a competitive industry, efficiency is just as important as quality. By satisfying the following efficiencies, our rendering technology is an unmatched necessity:


Due to enhanced communication between parties involved, all entities are able to see exactly what is going on at any given time.


Coupled with shorter project time, being able to clearly predict the outcome of the project and safeguard against unknown issues, reduces related costs significantly.


Ability to make design adjustments in real time, which eliminates the need to revert to initial drafts to make changes. This provides the ideal environment for collaboration and problem solving, which can take days, week and even to resolve.

At Taracon Precast, we are as dedicated to the industry’s evolution as we are to producing the highest quality concrete product. By utilizing 3D rendering technology, precast concrete is becoming one of construction’s most lucrative offerings.

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