Engineering Services

At Taracon, we pride ourselves in being one of a small number of precast concrete manufacturing companies that has these capabilities. Our engineers work diligently to create and hone solutions for the most complete precast and prestressed concrete needs. We strive to create precast concrete designs that result in lower production times and material costs as well as enhanced structural capabilities. TaraCon’s design expertise includes engineering projects for concrete structures such as:
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Parking Garages
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Multi-unit Housing
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Correctional Facilities

Our Precast Engineering Services

TaraCon’s engineers have the technical knowledge and capabilities to design a wide range of structures in conjunction with contractors, architects, developers and other professionals in the construction industry. Our teams are lead and supervised by project managers with years of experience in the field of precast and prestressed concrete structures and design. Once your design is selected and approved the engineering project commences and our team composes your design. We then create the associated drafts based on your desired specifications, fabrication requirements and the relevant calculations. Quality control and customer satisfaction are extremely important to our service standards so each project we undertake goes through a rigorous process. All of our projects are thoroughly vetted for compliance with the relevant building codes and we consult and coordinate with all team members assigned to the project to ensure adherence with our client’s established standards and specifications.

Precast Concrete Engineering and Detailing Process

Our design and engineering process is simple, however positive final results hinge on the production of each structure being optimized from its conceptual stages. We start by discussing your goals and clarifying your vision before the design process begins. Design considerations typically include:
  • Durability and performance requirements
  • Associated costs and budget
  • Lifecycle requirements
  • Finish options
  • Shipping sizes and configuration
  • Repetition possibilities
  • Panelization
  • Aesthetic requirements
Using the information collected, we uncover the ideal solutions that produce the desired result, all while aligning the process with your projected budget margins. Here’s an example of the typical engineering and detailing process at TaraCon:
  1. Develop preliminary designs that are reviews by the client and any relevant public agencies involved in the approval process.
  2. Include plans for specifications such as plumbing, electrical and mechanical additions.
  3. Evaluate associated costs.
  4. Refine and produce final plans and specifications.
  5. Deliver final designs and related cost estimates.
  6. Provide follow-up service delivery and support.
TaraCon caters to construction professionals with a wide range of goals for their precast concrete designs:
  • Lower total costs

    Our engineers focus on creating designs that require less material inputs, which results in lower overall costs for each project. We accomplish this by combining structural and architectural features and reducing the number of individual components required for the project.
  • Faster construction times

    TaraCon engineers its designs to be able to dramatically reduce construction times to completion.
  • Long-lasting durability

    The inherent strength of precast concrete already provides long-term durability to any structure, but coupled with TaraCon’s in-house engineering and design, structures deliver unmatched durability that lasts through decades of vigorous use.
  • Sound reduction

    If noise reduction is a concern in your construction project, such as with schools, hospitals and movie theaters, our engineers can create designs that significantly reduce the movement of unwanted sounds and vibrations throughout the completed structure.
  • High aesthetic appeal

    Our engineers can provide you with a variety of options that serve to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your design while also maintaining its structural integrity. Usually high cost finishes like cut stone, brick and limestone can be replicated in a precast design, which greatly enhances the look of the structure, while keeping the cost relatively low.
  • Greater safety

    Our precast structures are engineered to meet fire code standards, are heat and blast resistant and also provide resistance to seismic events.
  • Low maintenance

    Taracon takes the long-term maintenance requirements of each structure into consideration and strives to minimize the commitment required on the part of our end users. Our designs ensure that the structure remains reliable and attractive with minimal to no maintenance for decades at a time.

Custom Design Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of using Taracon’s full in-house precast engineering services is the ability to envision and create an unlimited number of designs with complete customization and design flexibility. Along with creating more basic and straightforward designs, our engineers have the skills and capabilities to design structures with unusual shapes and interesting architectural features for several types of structures. Simply present us with your ideas and we will investigate and deliver the design and engineering options available to you to bring your idea to fruition. Some of our engineering and design options include:
  • Straight or curved walls and panels
  • Imitation patterns and shapes
  • Sharp details
  • Smooth finishes

Precast Concrete Engineering Follow-up

Once your structural and architectural precast concrete engineering and design process is complete, Taracon’s engineers input doesn’t end there. The reality is that after the design portion of your project is complete, issues can come up while the structure is being erected on site. This scenario is the primary reason why Taracon engineers follow through on our projects with field engineering and inspections. This ensures that our clients receive the support they need to complete their structures with precision accuracy, while also being on time and on budget. TaraCon is committed to providing our clients with superior precast engineering services and will move forward with the goal of continuous improvement for the engineers, architects and other construction professionals we serve. Whether your project is a small scale building or a vast high-rise structure, by combining elements of architectural design and structural engineering, our team can help you to develop and realize any type of precast concrete structure you desire.