Precast Wall Panels

At Taracon Precast, we manufacture world class precast concrete wall panels for a variety of structural applications which eliminates the need for working with excessive steel and masonry construction. Using our precast wall panels offers a substantial level of ease and simplicity when building envelops for commercial, industrial, residential and other structures.

Faster construction times, general cost savings that include lower long-term maintenance costs and sustainability are common benefits of utilizing Taracon Precast’s structural precast concrete wall panels.

The versatility of Taracon Precast precast wall panels is unmatched and perfect for complex building designs and structures. Depending on the project’s specifications, our panels can be designed to have a high loading capacity or to function exclusively as an architectural feature that offers no structural support. Our panels can also be manufactured with the goal of carrying roof, floor or lateral loads.

All of our precast wall panels are manufactured in our modern facilities in a carefully controlled environment. The result is superior quality concrete components that can be produced all year round regardless of seasonal and weather related changes.

The Main Types of Precast Concrete Wall Panels

There are three major types of structural precast concrete wall panels:

  • Solid walls

    These wall panels are manufactured with a solid concrete design and do not contain an insulating component. If solid wall panels are used in a construction project, an additional layer of insulation and/or a finishing system should be applied to internal walls to complete and seal the building’s envelop.

  • Thin-shell walls

    Thin-shell wall panels are similar to sandwich walls in that they typically contain a layer of insulation. A major difference however is in the thickness of the outer layer of the panel.

    The thinness of the outer wythe reduces the total weight of the panel without sacrificing any of its strength, flexibility and impact resistance. Depending on the design requirements, thin-shell walls can be made to handle significant loading

  • Sandwich walls

    Precast concrete wall panels that are constructed with a rigid layer of insulation that lays between wythes of equal thickness are known as sandwich panels. Sandwich panels offer all of the strength, beauty and insulating advantages of precast concrete all bundled into a single wall panel design.

    Sandwich wall panels can be made as purely structural components, architectural components or as a component with aspects of both. Depending on the level of thermal control required, the insulating layer of the sandwich wall panel can be made thicker or thinner.

Once the panels are completed, they are delivered on a just-in-time basis, installed quickly and easily allowing for shorter total construction times and lower construction related financing costs.

Benefits of Using Structural Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Taracon Precast’s precast concrete wall panels offer construction professionals the flexible options they need to create the high quality structures their projects demand. Some of the benefits that our structural wall panels deliver include the following:

Strength & Durability

The inherent strength and durability of concrete products is found at exceptionally high levels in all of Taracon Precast’s precast wall panels no matter the specifications.

Moisture Control

Taracon Precast wall panels provide superior moisture protection for building envelops all the way down to the foundation. Our wall panels forming a seamless barrier that prevents rain water and vapor from seeping in and damaging the integrity of the structure over time.

Design Flexibility

Precast concrete wall panels offer an astounding array of design options that can be built right into each panel. Accommodations for windows, doors and other components required for the finished structure can be integrated during the panel design process, reducing costs and total time.

Easy Maintenance

Our precast wall panels require little to no maintenance once installed aside from intermittent cleanings and inspections.

Low Sound Transmission

Depending on the type of building being constructed, controlling the transmission of sound is an extremely important factor. Examples of these structures include movie theaters, factories and institutional buildings.

Taracon Precast’s structural precast concrete wall panels can be designed to reduce sound transmission to absolute minimal levels or to take advantage of optimal acoustics.

Taracon Precast’s structural precast concrete wall panels are the first choice of designers, architects and other construction professionals who need maximum flexibility in their designs and who require a wide range of options for the finishes, shapes, colors and textures available for integration into their final designs.

Our precast concrete panels are strong, durable and beautiful, making them the perfect components for the construction of buildings that are erected quickly and last for years to come. Being a PCI Certified Plant ensures that you will receive the highest quality products and service from a trusted provider.


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