Rendering Services

Precast concrete products are the preferred choice of many construction professionals because of its strength, durability, ease of assembly and design versatility.

From an architectural standpoint, precast concrete is unmatched because of its flexibility and design options, which provides a wide range of finishes, textures and shapes for concrete panels and other components.

3D precast concrete rendering takes the entire construction experience and raises it to an even higher level.

Our Custom 3D Precast Concrete Rendering Service

Taracon Precast offers our clients a custom 3D precast concrete rendering service that lets them see what their finished building will look like once it is completely erected.

The process involves taking a 2D illustration of the design and putting it through our unique software to generate a virtual 3D model, which can then be tweaked and digitally manipulated to add features such as lighting, shading and texture.

There are several benefits that using our 3D rendering service delivers:

  • Quickly and easily spot issues in your structural design.
  • Offer compelling material to encourage investment or secure financing.
  • Make design adjustments quickly and easily.
  • Predict exactly how the finished structure will appear once it is finished.

Taracon Precast’s precast design and rendering process helps you to see exactly how the proposed elements of your design will work together and allows your architects, engineers and developers to fine-tune any problem areas before moving forward with precasting components.

This alone saves a tremendous amount of potentially lost time and money due to mistakes made during the concrete precasting process.

Along with these benefits, 3D rendering also allows you to see how your structure will fit into the surrounding landscape as well as give virtual tours of the building. Being able to move from floor to floor and room to room in an exact replica of the finish building helps to make the concept of the project crystal clear for developers and investors alike.

Shorter Project Completion Time

Precast design and rendering reduces the turnaround time for your construction project because of enhanced communication between parties involved, such as city inspectors, construction crews, investors and others, who are able to see exactly what is going on with the structure at any given point in time.

Total Cost Reduction for the Construction Project

Being able to clearly predict the outcome of the project and safeguard against unknown issues reduces related costs significantly over the lifespan of the project.

Real-Time Design Adjustments

With 3D rendering you have the ability to make design adjustments in real time, which removes the need to go back to initial drafts to make changes. This provides the ideal environment for collaboration and problem solving, which can happen almost instantly instead of taking days, week and months of extensive communication to resolve.

At Taracon Precast, we believe that structures should be as beautiful as they are sound. We also believe that it is in the customer’s best interest to be able to visualize exactly what they will be getting before the first concrete component is even cast.


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