Yard Foreman

    • $30/hour
    • Full Time
    • Hawley, MN US

The Yard Foreman is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Yard at the Taracon Plant. This position will work closely with leaders of the logistics team and the production team. 

Essential Functions 

  • This is a working foreman position. It will be 25% of the time in the office and 75% working on the crew in the yard where needed 

  • Work closely with Logistics Team to establish a daily schedule for loading trucks with outbound product. 

  • Coordinate Trailers to be set up with Racks/Dunnage that is required from Logistics load out plan. 

  • Manage the loading crews to work together to get loads done efficiently and to get crews to work together as a team. 

  • Inventory dunnage/racks/hardware needed for loads. 

  • Work closely with the production crews to forecast product coming out of the plant. 

  • Coordinate with Production Manager to plan for daily scheduling of stock piling pieces in the yard. 

  • Plan for appropriate layout in the yard for efficient space for each project. 

  • Inventory wall racks/blocking to make sure they do not run short of either one. 

  • Unload Hollow Core carts in a timely manner to rotate them back into the plant when they need them for stripping. 

  • Work Closely with Maintenance Manager for work needed on cranes and equipment. 

  • Help Schedule down time for equipment for annual maintenance/inspections. 

  • Inform Maintenance of equipment needing repair. 

  • Work with Human Resources to manage open positions. 

  • Assist with determining open positions and department numbers based on needs 

  • Review applications for open positions 

  • Assist with interview process 

  • Help with new hire selection process 

  • Assist with onboarding and coordinate training process for new hires 

  • Help work with Q-cast 

  • Be the point of contact for all office staff for yard needs 

  • Manage the crews to help each other both stockpile product and load product, crews should always be busy even if their main task is complete. 

  • Execute other duties as assigned. 

Education Requirements 

  • Required: High School diploma or the equivalent. 

Experience Requirements 

  • Required: 2+ years’ experience supervising a team.  


    • 401(k) match up to 6%
    • Dental insurance, 100% company paid (including family)
    • Health insurance, 100% company paid (including family)
    • Vision insurance, 100% company paid (including family)
    • Short-term and long-term disability, 100% company paid
    • Paid time off in addition to 9 paid holidays

Other perks:

    • Year-round indoor work
    • Monday – Friday, 7am – 5pm Schedule
    • Teamwork atmosphere
    • Weekly pay
    • Lunch provided daily

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