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Why Taracon?

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Our team is committed to fully understanding each project goal.

We provide creative solutions to enhance the design and function of every job.

Your design demands become our next pursuit in innovation.

Total Precast Solutions: Quality Design Trust Efficiency Time Cost Savings Strength  Durability Efficiency

What Sets Taracon Apart?

We build better buildings.  A legacy of strength and passion for innovation motivates our craftsmen to pursue prestressed construction solutions.

As a family that builds on our vision of life’s true principles, we strive to enhance tomorrow by providing solutions as solid as concrete.


Precast concrete products manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities is the first choice of engineers, designers, developers, architects, and construction professionals who demand uncompromising quality. For over 20 years, our team of craftsmen have provided top notch service experience and superior product; from the pre-planning phase, through design and production, until construction and erection are complete.


Backed by years of experience and our PCI Certified facility, we manufacture precast concrete solutions that deliver the quality our partners in the construction industry deserve. Choose Taracon Precast for your next project and discover why our clients keep coming back for more.


Taracon Precast believes buildings should be as aesthetically appealing as they are structurally sound. We work side by side during the planning process to ensure the best possible structure outcome aligns with your vision and goals. Our customizable precast solutions combine strength and beauty in a superior output that offers a cost-effective solution with an upscale finish. We encourage your design challenges to inspire our next great innovation.


Our solutions meet your goals for sustainability and energy effectiveness. Precast concrete solutions take less time to frame, manufacture, and erect, increasing speed to occupancy and involving fewer trades for installation. Taracon Precast solutions require low maintenance, offer protection from the elements, and provide thermal efficiency.

The benefits of using the strict quality assurance of PCI certification include the following:


Trust a PCI AA Certified Production Facility

Precast concrete components revolutionized the construction industry, leading to leaner budgets, shorter project times, and higher quality finished structures. Certification from the Precast/Prestressed Institute (PCI) is an essential aspect of providing services to stakeholders within the industry. Clients of Taracon Precast can expect premium precast products, with the assurance our processes meet strict guidelines established by PCI.
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What People Say

“Taracon Precast was an excellent partner in the Rex 26 project. They approached a very complex precast design and erection, and manufactured it with great professionalism. They are a solid company that delivers on their promises with outstanding organization and execution.”
Jon Wolff
“I appreciate the professionalism, engagement, and involvement of the Taracon Precast team, especially Lloyd. They produce a high quality product and are very efficient in meeting the timeline and goals of each project. Anytime you’re dealing with a large project, like the Sheyenne complex, it makes sense to go with the most efficient and cost effective choice. Even after years in the construction industry, it was fun to watch how quickly and efficiently the concrete panels went up on the parking garage.”
Bernie Dardis
Mayor of West Fargo
“I would recommend anyone in the construction business to consider the benefits Taracon Precast provides as a one-stop precast supplier. The wide range of precast concrete products is incredible, and the preconstruction services offered reduce total project cost. From high-end architectural precast cladding, to heavy structural precast members, Taracon can provide a full range precast concrete service for their customers.”
John Wang
Midwest Structure Engineering
“Taracon Precast was great to work with on the Monticello Fire Station. We had a few challenges with the amount of finishes and color detail, but Scott and the Taracon crew were efficient and accommodating. They were able to meet our deadlines and coordinate schedules well.”
Jay Kuechle
KUE Contractors, Inc.
"Taracon is on our projects because of their commitment to quality in their products. While our most recent completed project had some significant coordination challenges, Taracon stood up for the commitments they made and ultimately came through on a challenging project delivering a superior product."
Kilborne Group
"Taracon is: quality and craftsman's ship."
Jeff Lunc
Ross Constructors
"Quality Work" reflects Taracon Precast.
Dave Schultz
"Products are of good quality and finish, still figuring out the complete process, will stand behind their work."
Enclave Dev
"Great people, great quality and great price."
Matt Gehrtz
Gehrtz Construction
"They do a good job. And good people to work with."
Great States Construction
"Lived up to what we had discussed for schedule of shop drawings, material on site and erection."
Larry Doran
Big-D Construction
"Quality & Integrity - So far our experience with Taracon has been great from Pre-construction through installation."
Matt Hartenstein
"High quality products provided by high quality people!"
Dietrich Construction
"Friendly people with good response time. Adjusts to scheduling changes easily."
Tyler Blaine
MBA Architects
"Good product, great people to work with!"
Steve Gehrtz
Gehrtz Construction
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Our Solutions

Our team is committed to fully understanding each project goal. We provide creative solutions to enhance the design and function of every job. Your design demands become our next pursuit in innovation.

Total Precast Solutions

Multiple Concrete Solutions

Structural Frame

Exceed Architectural Requirements

Floor & Roof

Deliver safety, Efficiency, &quality control