How Precast Concrete Changed the Construction Industry

Unlike many other industries, the construction sector isn’t known for undergoing rapid and dramatic change on a frequent basis, often sticking to the status quo for many decades and in some cases even centuries. With that said, innovations in construction technology in key areas such as design capabilities, workforce machinery and environmentally conscious construction methods,… Read More

5 Unique Benefits of Precast Double Tees

One of the most commonly manufactured precast prestressed concrete components is the double tee. As the name suggests, double tees structurally resemble two capital letter T’s placed side by side. The components are typically used for floor and ceiling construction in order to create long spans and open floor plans as well as substrates for… Read More

What It Means to Be A PCI Certified Plant pci certified plant

Precast and prestressed concrete components have revolutionized the construction industry leading to leaner budgets, shorter project times and higher quality finished structures. However, with all the advances in this type of construction technology, it is important to note that not all precast concrete suppliers are created equal. Obtaining proper certification from the Precast/Prestressed Institute (PCI) is an essential… Read More

Precast Concrete Installation precast concrete installation

The modernization of precast concrete has forever revolutionized the construction process. It has transformed a system that typically requires a significant amount of time, materials, labor and guesswork and made it a fast, efficient and cost saving procedure.   The precast installation process involves several key stages that work together to create quality structures quickly… Read More

Benefits of Precast Columns and Beams

With a wide array of practical applications that range from single family homes to multi-level apartment buildings and commercial structures, Precast Columns and Beams offer exceptional durability, flexibility and design options for a wide cross-section of construction projects.   There are several key benefits that come with using Precast Columns and Beams instead of their… Read More

Precast Concrete Finishes and Textures precast concrete finishes

For your vision to truly come to life, aesthetic versatility is essential. While precast concrete itself brings unparalleled strength, durability, resilience, and cost savings to any construction project, precast concrete finishes and textures allow aesthetic creativity to steal the show.   By combining color, exposure, texture, aggregate grade, and sand type, a custom finish gives… Read More

5 Advantages of Insulated Precast Wall Panels

With high versatility, rapid construction, and unparalleled energy efficiency, insulated precast wall panels, aka sandwich wall panels, have become increasingly popular in a number of building applications, including educational, residential, medical, retail, commercial, governmental, correctional, and industrial.   Along with nearly unlimited building potential, let’s take a look at the main advantages of insulated precast… Read More

7 Advantages of Precast Hollowcore Slabs

At Taracon Precast, we are dedicated to creating products unique to the construction world. This uniqueness manifests itself in a suite of benefits in structural quality, cost savings, safety, and more. One of our trademarks is the in-house manufacturing of precast hollowcore slabs. As the heroes of flooring, roofing, bridges, and mezzanine systems, there are… Read More

Precast Concrete 3D Rendering Technology

It’s safe to say that the pioneers of precast concrete would be impressed with the engineering and innovations in today’s industry. With strength as the foundation of initial precast design, today’s designs involve an entire suite of factors, including strength, energy efficiency, reinforcement, and resiliency. Precast concrete is a flexible material that can be made… Read More

Shining Light on Architectural Precast Concrete

Concrete. A beautiful solution of sand, rock, cement, and water. When mixed, poured, and cured properly, concrete serves as one of the world’s most sought-after building materials. In order to protect the process from uncontrollable and undesirable outside factors, companies began pre casting the concrete in controlled environments.   Since then, concrete products have drastically… Read More