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From Inception to Installation

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Our expert craftsmen bring experience in innovation when we meet you at the drafting table.

From inception to installation, our engineers & technicians work together to design and fabricate an ideal building result for each unique client.

Our team-based approach ensures creative planning and accurate execution throughout the entire process.

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Precast solutions are versatile, dynamic, and resilient, while eliminating labor, time, and finishing compared to other construction processes. Low maintenance and energy efficient, our creative solutions offer years of functionality with endless building purposes.

Through each step of the design-build process, we exceed expectations by making the client’s vision our own while looking for opportunities to improve each project.

Our team of experienced designers and engineers review objectives, work to enhance the vision and functionality of every job, and redefine what is possible.

We produce high-quality, innovative, and accurate building solutions in our PCI certified facility.

Construction components arrive at the job site ready for installation, saving time and money spent on labor and materials.

Taracon solutions are full service; including coordinating logistics, managing on-time delivery, and planning erection.

Our Solutions

Our team is committed to fully understanding each project goal. We provide creative solutions to enhance the design and function of every job. Your design demands become our next pursuit in innovation.

Total Precast Solutions

Multiple Concrete Solutions

Structural Frame

Exceed Architectural Requirements

Floor & Roof

Deliver safety, Efficiency, &quality control