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Taracon Precast offers dynamic textures and features

Taracon Precast offers dynamic textures and features Selecting precast concrete products brings unparalleled strength, durability, resilience, and cost savings to any construction project. Taracon Precast knows that in order to truly bring your building structure vision to life, aesthetic versatility is key; that’s why our finishes and textures allow design creativity to steal the show. […]

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Why PCI? Client benefits through PCI certification

Precast and prestressed concrete components have revolutionized the construction industry, offering leaner budgets, shorter project times, and higher quality finished structures. But, with many advances in this type of construction technology, it is important to note that not all precast concrete suppliers are created equal. Obtaining proper certification from the Precast/Prestressed Institute (PCI) is an […]

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How Precast Concrete Changed the Construction Industry

Unlike other large industries, the construction sector isn’t known for undergoing rapid and dramatic change on a frequent basis. Often sticking to the status quo for decades–in some cases centuries–the construction industry has long-standing methods that display strength, security, and durability. However, innovation in construction technology has influenced design capabilities, workforce machinery, and environmentally conscious […]

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Our team is committed to fully understanding each project goal. We provide creative solutions to enhance the design and function of every job. Your design demands become our next pursuit in innovation.

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