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Why PCI? Client benefits through PCI certification

Precast and prestressed concrete components have revolutionized the construction industry, offering leaner budgets, shorter project times, and higher quality finished structures. But, with many advances in this type of construction technology, it is important to note that not all precast concrete suppliers are created equal. Obtaining proper certification from the Precast/Prestressed Institute (PCI) is an essential aspect of providing quality services to stakeholders within the construction industry. 

Architects, engineers, and contractors should be aware of this certification to ensure they receive precast concrete elements manufactured and installed using guidelines that adhere to the highest industry standards and adhere to a strict quality assurance program. Before a specific plant can become PCI certified they are required to establish and maintain a Quality Management System that meets the standards established by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.

For the last five years, Taracon has been certified with this reputable organization and the benefits are passed on to our clients. The advantages of using a PCI certified plant include:

Built-in Prequalification. By choosing a PCI Certified manufacturing plant, you automatically gain access to a prequalified and preferred provider of quality precast prestressed concrete products and components.

High-Quality Standards. PCI sets the most stringent guidelines in order to achieve and maintain the highest construction industry standards. These guidelines combine elements of regular inspections conducted on processes, products, operations, materials, and equipment. In addition to routine supplier checkers, PCI also performs random site visits to ensure quality and craftsmanship. 

Close Adherence to Project Specifications. Random site and product checks performed by PCI helps to ensure all precast products manufactured by a certified plant continue to meet and exceed the high expectations of its client base. In person inspections provide a reference point for stringent adherence to industry standards, rather than simply using quality control manuals in hopes of achieving the same result.

Faster Construction Times. Improved efficiency facilitated by PCI certified production facilities help increase the speed at which precast concrete products are erected on job sites. This translates to leaner budgets, as well as lower labor and scheduling costs.

Lower Project Costs. PCI certified manufacturing plants reduce overall project costs because there are fewer potential issues associated with the components produced in these facilities. This results in less wasted time and materials, as well as a reduction in total labor costs.

Taracon Precast is proud to be a PCI Certified precast manufacturing plant. When partnering with our team on your next project you can expect to receive the highest quality precast concrete products, and the assurance our construction processes meet the strict guidelines established by PCI. We offer stakeholders in the construction industry the confidence to choose our services for their precast concrete needs for architecture, engineering, and all other aspects of construction design. 

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